The Coyotes Curling Club - 2015-2016 Board of Directors


President: Jeff Baird

Vice-President: Wayne Fleming

Treasurer: Mike Siggins

Secretary: Shawn Tait


CarolAnn Naso -

Greg Gallagher -

Darryl Horsman -

Carl Thompson

Luba Brock


If you wish to run for the board, please e-mail for the bio form.


Promote access to and participation in the sport of curling, and commit to its international traditions of fellowship, sportsmanship, and team competition.


VISION: To be a premier curling venue able to host local, regional, national, and international curling events.

VISION:To offer a variety of curling programs that meets the needs of club members regardless of age, gender, level of interest, ability and experience.

VISION:To participate fully in the advancement of curling instruction and technical skills to new and existing athletes.

VISION:To grow our club membership and promote membership participation in club operations, activities and events.

VISION:To maintain a dynamic and professional organization that is a credit to our members and an asset to our community.

Currently, the CCC operates 5 recreational leagues per year, a local Women’s Bonspiel and an international Open Bonspiel (4 person teams comprised of all men, all women, or any combination of both) as well as multiple Learn-to-Curl and instructional sessions.