Coyotes Curling Club Gear

In stock Coyotes logo'd items include club pins and decals, which are great items to take with you when you go out of town to curl. We have a variety of Coyotes logoed shirts and mock turtle necks; ask if we have any in your size.

Customize any clothing or accessory of your choice. When you order Coyotes gear through your club a percentage of the purchase will go towards new Coyotes endeavors. Plus think of all the cool Coyotes swag you'll have.

Visit our clothing partner Big Stich Embroidery. Select clothing items from their on-line catalogs and email the item information to the email below. When we place an order for 12 or more items from Big Stich at one time a percentage of the purchase will go towards new Coyotes endeavors through a discount. If you are in a hurry we can get the item right away.

Order now and look cool on and off the ice!

You can email us at for all your supply questions!

Club Pin


Price: $5.00

Replacement Brush Head

Oval Brush Head: $18.00

High Performance Brush Head (Norway, EQ) : $25.00


Curling Broom

Brooms for all skill levels are available.

Carbon Fiber: $139.99

Fiberlite: $79.99



Various Sizes: $14.00

Curling Shoes

Different brands and slider thickness's available.

Custom Orders, Custom Pricing!

Price: Check with Beki Nowlan for pricing and availability!