Membership at the Coyotes Curling Club

League Rates and Dues Schedule

United States Curling Association Annual Membership: $75


Sunday League: 4pm Draw

Monday League: 7:00pm Draw

Tuesday Competitive League: 7:00pm Draw

Wednesday Rookie League: 6:30pm Instruction and 7:00pm Game

Thursday Midday League: 11:00am Draw

Thursday League: 7:00pm Draw

Friday Evening League: 7:00pm

Cost of the leagues will be $25 per game for each league. Leagues will run from 10 to 12 games/weeks. If a league has enough registrations, there will be 2 draws.

What's it going to cost me to get "curling gear"?

Nothing. The Coyotes Curling Club will loan members the equipment needed to curl. Items such as a curling broom and sliders will all be available to you during league play. All the Club insists on is that you have a dedicated pair of clean running shoes to use on the ice as regular street shoes ruin the playing surface in a hurry. Secondly, wear clothing (sorry no shorts) that will allow you to stretch, and finally, have a willingness to learn and have fun while doing it! Should you decide to invest in your own gear for greater safety and comfort, our clothing expert will help acquire whatever you need - usually at a discount through our friendships with curling supply retailers.

What do I get with my membership?

Questions about Coyotes Curling Club Leagues

For more information regarding League play please e-mail our League Co-ordinator at

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