The Coyotes Curling Club - Rock of Fame

What is it?

If you would like to donate funds towards a rock used at the Coyotes Curling Club, please email or download your ROCK OF FAME sponsorship form. With your donation, the Club will engrave your name or your company name on the handle which will be seen by every curler for years to come!

Your donations are 501(c)(3) deductible so you are not limited to the amount of donations you provide.

The Coyotes Curling Club would like to thank the following individuals and groups for participating in the Rock of Fame donor program! To date it has been a huge success and we hope to see its continued growth.



Sheet Color Number Name Sheet Color Number Name
A Red 1 Kelly Stephens B Red 1 Charles & Wendy Funk
A Red 2 Don Stephens B Red 2 Lindsay Estabrooks
A Red 3   B Red 3  
A Red 4   B Red 4  
A Red 5   B Red 5  
A Red 6   B Red 6  
A Red 7 Chip Huntress B Red 7 Brice Akridge
A Red 8 Betsy Huntress B Red 8 Ronald Lee Tuner
A Yellow 1 S & T Farms B Yellow 1 Hal McGrady
A Yellow 2   B Yellow 2 Reg & Bonnie Nicol, AB
A Yellow 3   B Yellow 3  
A Yellow 4   B Yellow 4  
A Yellow 5 Denise Juillard B Yellow 5  
A Yellow 6 Randy Juillard B Yellow 6  
A Yellow 7 Kathy MacKenzie - PEI B Yellow 7 Carolyn Nelson
A Yellow 8 Don MacKenzie - PEI B Yellow 8 Carl Nelson
Sheet Color Number Name Sheet Color Number Name
C Red 1   D Red 1  
C Red 2   D Red 2  
C Red 3   D Red 3  
C Red 4   D Red 4  
C Red 5   D Red 5 James "Chris" Coffin
C Red 6   D Red 6 James "Chris" Coffin
C Red 7 Greg Gallagher D Red 7 Mike Shaw
C Red 8 Russell Brown D Red 8 Shawn & Laura Tait
C Yellow 1 Neil "Harry" Harrison D Yellow 1 Coyotes Curling Club
C Yellow 2   D Yellow 2 Coyotes Curling Club
C Yellow 3   D Yellow 3 Coyotes Curling Club
C Yellow 4   D Yellow 4 Al Fleischaker
C Yellow 5 Mary Jordan D Yellow 5 Renate Ehm
C Yellow 6 Bill Benn D Yellow 6 Mike Mah
C Yellow 7 Beki Nowlan D Yellow 7 Hal McGrady
C Yellow 8 Darryl Horsman D Yellow 8 Carroll Huntress