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Registration is Now Open for 2016 Hotter Than Hell Bonspiel.


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Please provice a number above that will be with you at the bonspiel in case we need to contact you.

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I am an idividual looking to participate and would like to be put on the individuals list. We will send your information out to teams that are looking for players and keep a list posted at the club. Please note the position(s) you can play above in the Rink Lineup section

Pay By Check

I prefer to pay by check or cash. Please Submit this online form to hold a spot. On the next page you can print the pay by check form. Checks must be mailed immediately.

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I am paying with a Canadian Credit/Debit card. Please Submit this online form to hold a spot. On the next page you can print the pay by Canadian Card form. Currently our payment site does not allow for Canadian Cards.

Late Draw

We can accomidate a few teams with a first draw on Friday morning. Please check the box if you are in need of a Friday first game draw.


You must submit this form in order to hold your spot. You will be given the various payment methods on the thank you page.